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Municipal Energy Agency of Mississippi

Greenwood is one of twenty-three public power companies in Mississippi. In 1978, we became a member of a then new joint action agency, the Municipal Energy Agency of Mississippi, or MEAM.

MEAM was formed in an effort to help stabilize the costs of electricity and to assure member cities of adequate power for the future. The collective buying power of MEAM members also allows us to negotiate more favorable rates from major power producers. Other important functions of the MEAM staff are as liaison and negotiators with state and federal regulatory authorities as well as elected officials.

Today, Greenwood Utilities is the largest producer of power among MEAM members. In 2001 Canton completed a project to install diesel peaking units similar to those recently installed here to become the second member with its own generation. These units can be monitored and can be controlled by Henderson Station here in Greenwood.

Greenwood Utilities presently represents approximately 52% of the load in MEAM, with Canton, Kosciusko, Leland, Durant, and Itta Bena making up the rest.

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